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Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing

Accurate wheel balance on your car is essential. Unbalanced wheels can make your tyres wear too early, as well as causing wear of your shock absorbers and other steering components. All this can seriously influence your car’s performance.

How do we balance your tyres?

Our staff will make sure that the weight of your wheels is dispersed evenly to provide you with a smooth ride and decrease chance of premature tyre wear.

What are the warning signs?

If wheels are out of balance, you can notice vibration during high speeds. Often you will notice those vibrations on your steering wheel and possibly your seat. Wrong wheel balancing will cause damage to your steering mechanism. A wheel balancing is a process of making sure that the weight of the tyre and weight of the wheel are evenly distributed. Process starts by spinning the wheel on a balancing machine that checks whether wheel is out of balance. If the wheel balance is off small weights are added to ensure even and consistent rotation and weight distribution. Our wheel balancing service includes a cone setup to attach the wheel to the balancing machine. It does not simulate the pressure of the car weight and nuts keeping the wheel attached to the car.

What to do next?

If you are experiencing driving discomfort visit Thomond Tyres today. Our team of expert will be happy to give you an advice and bring the wheel balance to distribute weight evenly.

Thomond Tyres of Limerick wheel balancing service – €5 per wheel, but if you purchase your tyres here wheel balancing is free!