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New tyres

New tyres

Selecting new tyres

Your tyres are the only connection between your car and the road. They are an important part not only in your car’s performance, but overall safety. Tyres that are not right for your car or are worn can compromise traction of the car. So when looking for new tyres it is best to go to Thomond Tyres Limerick.

What to consider when buying new tyres

Tyres are important so you should always consider car’s manufacturer requirements. It doesn’t have to be any particular brand but your new tyres you buy must be of a size and type recommended by the manufacturer.

On the side of each tyre there is a code that not everyone can understand. This code explains everything that we know about the tyre. P205/65R15 94H – this is an example and a little bit of explanation:

  • ‘P’ stands for Passenger type of tyre
  • 205’ refers to the tyre width at the time when it is properly inflated
  • ‘65’ is a percentage ratio of between new tyre width and height.
  • ‘R’ this part stands for construction type, which in this case is Radial
  • ‘15’ is the diameter of the wheel stated in inches.
  • ‘94’ refers to tyre load. This number indicates how much can tyre carry at its maximum speed. 94 refers to 670 kg
  • ‘H’ stands for the speed rating and in this case it means it is rated to move at 210 km/h, with maximum load of 670 kg

It might seem complicated, but we at Thomond Tyres Limerick are here to assist you on selecting the right new tyres for your vehicle.

So how do we choose perfect new tyre?

Choosing the right tyre is first of all dependent on making sure you comply with your car’s manufacturer requirements. Experts from Thomond Tyres Limerick will assist you on choosing a right type and fit on your car.

Major global brand’s produce high quality tyre’s and offer greater durability due to the compounds and type of construction they use and offer high levels of driving comfort. They may cost a little more, but will prove to be a better longer-term investment. They offer better level of safety than cheaper options. More economical options may be cheaper initially, but the thread will wear faster and may compromise stopping distances and produce more tyre noise compared to premium brands.

Choosing those options might not be so great in the long run. Do some research beforehand and see what new tyres get good reviews in car magazines and professional car websites. In Thomond Tyres Limerick our tyre experts will also give you professional advise/service and help you chose the correct tyre’s which are right for you. When expertly fitted a set of new tyres that are perfect in providing great performance and safety for your vehicle.

Visit our shop in Limerick to get professional service and quality product.

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