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Benefits of Buying Premium Car Tyres

The tyres on your car are the components that make the vehicle “go” literally. They play an important role in maintaining the overall functional efficiency of the car and ensuring safety.

Importance of Premium Tyres

Yet this is one area car owners tend to neglect. While replacing tyres, the temptation is to use inexpensive tyres. While cheaper tyres may appear to be cost effective initially, they tend to wear out faster, requiring more frequent replacements. And of course, the safety they provide is questionable. It is always best to opt for premium range of tyres like Bridgestone tyres, Pirelli tyres etc, which may be expensive, but which have been tested under the most stringent conditions and guarantee the highest standards of safety and performance. Several options for car finance are also available for tyre replacement.

Time to Replace Your Tyres?

Regularly check the condition of your tyres, particularly if you clock in a high daily mileage and especially through roads that have seen better days. Cheap tyres will wear out sooner on difficult roads. Indications that tyres need replacement include bulging, splits and cracks. Besides being unsafe, such tyres also reduce efficiency, enhancing fuel consumption. Replace such tyres at the earliest. And use only premium tyres like Bridgestone for replacement.

The Premium Tyre Advantage

Premium tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Pirelli, etc. pay considerable attention to every aspect of their tyres right from raw material selection to the processes involved up to the testing of the product. Obviously, their tyres will be a little expensive as compared to the non premium tyres. But it is worth making the investment because of the assurance of safety, quality and performance. Premium tyre manufacturers use better grade materials that have higher wear resistance. So the premium tyres last much longer over bad stretches of roads.

Premium winter tyres

Driving in winter poses unique challenges as the tyres have to contend with difficult on-ground conditions that may vary from slippery ice to slush or even snow. Premium tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone has launched an entire range of winter tyres that will cater to the varying severities of winter across Europe. These products include the Bridgestone A001 Weather control and the Bridgestone Blizzak LM80 amongst others. These premium tyres take care of two important concerns of winter driving by preventing skidding on slippery surfaces and reducing the distance travelled before stopping once brakes are applied.

Technological Innovation Offered by Premium Tyres

Premium tyres manufacturers are constantly researching on new technologies that will add value to woo the customer. For example, Bridgestone tyres have recently introduced a new system called CAIS in their range of tyres that uses technology to convey information on forthcoming road conditions to the driver. The importance of such information cannot be overstated as it prepares the driver for the changed road condition and can help him / her tackle it better. Truly a unique system that ensures safety!

Always opt for premium tyres. After all any investment that guarantees the safety and security of your family can never be too high.

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