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What to look for when buying a car battery.

Car battery is essential part of your car and is responsible for powering all electrical and electronic components of your car. If the car battery is old, it will not be able to hold the power level required to run a car. That can cause battery drainage and possibly emergency breakdown. Car battery drainage can occur if any of electrical devices such as car radio or lights are left on without engine the running. You need to take couple points into consideration before making a purchase – battery size, reserve capacity or car battery freshness.

Car battery size

The size of car battery is specified in your car’s manufacturer specification or instruction manual. Choose the correct size and type of battery for your driving needs. Bear in mind your driving needs and climate and check your owner’s manual for the correct physical size. Group size in the manual refers to the outside dimensions of the car battery and the placement of the terminals (plus and minus). If the car battery is too small, you will not be able to secure it correctly and can move during driving, which can cause the damage to the car – car batteries are filled with acid and can seriously damage your car’s circuitry.

Long battery life is very important if your daily driving practice are mainly short, stop-and-start trips. Short trips don’t give much time to your car’s alternator to recharge the battery. Typical battery with a long life will be able to survive those shorter trips.

CCA code gives you information how battery acts in colder climate and will it be able to run in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. CCA information also indicates how much current your car battery will deliver.

Check whether you should use (very popular these days) maintenance free battery – sealed – that will not require topping up with water.

Less popular low maintenance car batteries are unsealed and have caps on top that let you to add water.

If choosing a car battery sounds to you like sorcery, come to Thomond Tyres in Limerick. We will assist you in selecting a proper car battery that will meet your car manufacturer’s requirements and fulfill your driving needs.

Batteries are from €50 and come with a gaurentee ring with your car type for a more specific price.